Most women have not had the opportunity to work one on one with an educated make-up artist and are often left to figure it out for themselves. A counter bar make-up artist is trained, but geared more toward promoting their products and meeting sales numbers. The difference is service versus sales.

Good make-up service requires one on one private time focusing on correction first, and then color. Focus on you is what you get, and products are sold separately if needed.

A well-blended make-up

Women often end up with a make-up drawer full of varied textures and colors that
we never use. You can understand why a large cosmetic line with a huge overhead cannot promote teaching (service) and has to promote product (sales) first. This is why there is such a need for women to learn to wear make-up better and know the right colors and blends for them.

I have a very streamlined teaching philosophy:
Correction, color, and application techniques that are right for you.
A simple setup of color and tools with a lot of technique.

Studio Services

Special Occasion Hair and Makeup (Before & Afters)


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